Monday, October 14, 2013

The Wind Is Changing

"A word of advice young man, storm signals are up. Bit of heavy weather be brewing there."
Admiral Boom in Mary Poppins Movie

"Winds from the East, mist coming in, somethings a brewing, about to begin. Can't put me finger on what lies in store, but I feel whats about to happen..all happen before."
Mary Poppins Movie

Cold Air About To Put A Damper On Your Walking ...Come and Join Us For A Warm Walk - Indoors

Congratulations ...
 to Laurita Konneker for WINNING the Trivia Game. 
She has proven once again that... 'Wisdom' does come with age.  
Laurita is 90 years old and is faithful in her participation with the Walk Live Classes. 
 Bless her heart!  
What an example she is to me.

Question of the Week:

Why Join the Local Weight Support Groups?
Healthswap Offers so much more...

Healthswap:  Information is posted weekly and the Healthswap Support Group meets weekly.  Free to active members.  A small charge for non active members. 

Monthly Social Events:  One of the reasons for making bad choices when eating is because of  loneliness or isolation. Come join us and let us have the privilege of getting to know you.

Library: Read what the experts say about your concerns. Literature, books and cook-books are available.  Just a little education can encourage you to make the right choices concerning your health. Free to members.

Walk Live:  The program that provides Indoor, Low Impact, Aeroberic, Strength Training FUN!

Example:  A success story - from someone who has traveled the road herself and lives what she teaches.
See old post for my story.

Plus More...laughter, support, talking, eating, games, encouragement, prizes, drawings, celebrating holidays, listening to your input, sweating together, celebrating birthdays, drinking together (water that is), enjoying life,  sharing blessings.... 

So again...why join a leading local support 
group where you check in and leave without anyone knowing your name? 

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