Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Inside Colors Are Vibrant

Burr....It Is Cold Outside!

Great time to join us ... 

Inside for a  3 Mile Aerobic Walk

The colors are just as vibrant inside as the fall colors outside.  On one side of the room is a library filled with all sorts of colorful books to encourage healthy living.

 Another wall...

... is pasted with color as it keeps everyone up to speed on all the social events that are being offered.  Yet on another wall (a row of windows exist) we often  see the local family of deer, three to be precise, who often peek in to see what all the excitement is about.

Let me introduce you to some of my members:

Barb is one of the ladies who has been with me through my whole journey.  From the very beginning she has allowed me to practice my technique of teaching an aerobic walk class with her participating and she is still active today.  Barb has lost 30 pounds - which she attributes to Walk Live. 
Great job Barb - Walk, Walk, Walk!


Our Monthly Calendar of Events hosted a Halloween Costume Contest. 
The Costume Contest Winner Goes To....


Cute Tail

Second Prize Goes To...


Cute Socks!

Thanks ladies for being such good sports - it was fun.


Beginning in November:  Evening Classes will begin at 5:15 and end at 6:15.  There will no second class offered in the evenings on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Cedar Lake Elementary School.  I am looking to expand to other communities and organizations.

If you have a group that would be interested in a aerobic Walk Live Class for your community or place of employment, please contact me at 989-739-3765 to see what can be offered in your area or for your office. 

 Anyone seen my Walking Shoes?

 Healthswap is going strong!  We meet at 1:00 on Wednesdays in my home.  This is a group of people who desire to learn how to change their thinking concerning their eating habits.  This is not a diet support group - this is a LIFE CHANGING support group.
Open to the community whether you attend the aerobic Walk Live Class or not.

Check out the Calendar of Events for November 
by going to the Walk Live Page located of the right side
 of the Home Page.
First aerobic Walk Live Class is always FREE -
 How can you go wrong by seeing what it is all about? 

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