Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Coming To A Close...With A Blessed Apperication

The last five years has been a wonderful journey for me.  I have seen and experienced the thrill of overcoming, learning and applying information, pursuing, accomplishing, developing and making new friends.  I am sure the list goes on....

     I have invested this time sharing with you my journey of losing weight, maintaining that weight loss and sharing the joys that have come my way as I tried to be an example of what I preached.  After the many years of sharing this part of my life - it is time for this blog to come to an end due to a permanent foot injury.  My personal physical health will always be of great importance to me.   A special Thank-you to all of you for your interest and following Healthswap over the many years.

As I say good-by............I also say hello to


A blog with the intent to minister to those desiring to live a marriage with one partner for a lifetime. In this blog I will be sharing along with my husband the who, what, where and why of our  relationship called Marriage.
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