Are you wanting to loss weight?  Are you concerned about diseases?  Are you ready to get serious about your health but do not know where to start?  Are you tired of trying diets?  Maybe, your goal is as simple as bending over to tie your shoes.  All of the above was once my life story.  I, Valerie,  have personally  been there.  After losing a 100 pounds four years ago, Valerie is  here to tell you there is a way to change your life without dieting and regaining the weight you lose.  Healthswap works by changing the way you look at food and life.   Healthswap was started by Valerie so that she could teach others that you can change your life, ONE STEP AT A TIME.

Topics We Cover:
  • Understanding the Diet Theories
  • Understanding What Your Body Is Really Saying To You
  • Making the Pantry Work for You
  • Understanding the Local Grocery Store
  • Help!  What Is This Label Saying To Me
  • Personal Support

Healthswap teaches you to change your life "One Step At A Time", as well as supports you in those goals that you set for yourself.  The meetings are free.  The transformation, with dedication, is priceless.  Come and let's meet your goal together for 2014.

Meetings begin January 13, 2014

Coaching is available for private lessons.  The cost will be set according to individual needs at the time of contracting.  Small group of three or less persons are available, 12 hours of scheduled small group meetings for $84.00 per person.  For private and small classroom coaching, payment must be made in full before the first day of class.  You will have five days after the first class to cancel your enrollment and receive a full refund.  No refund will be given after the five day grace period. (Or, join us at the library for FREE support)

Contact Valerie Keller today at
Start your journey to a healthier you - today.

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