Monday, September 16, 2013

I am Certified!

 Providence, Rhode Island
 Getting my certification for becoming a Walk Leader 
and an anniversary trip rolled into one.

Beginning the day with a Walk Live Concert.  This event was open to the public.  Everyone gathered in the parking lot of the Catholic Church.  With Music blasting, the Walk began and what fun it was!  My three-year goal was to put on a Live Walk Concert in Oscoda, but I am now thinking next year! The concert was hosted by Father Scott who is present in the "3 Mile" Walk CD.  Our Thanks go out to the Padre for a wonderful time had by all.

Father Scott
The second half of this trip was our Anniversary.  We were pleasantly surprised when our original rooms air-conditioner quit and the hotel put us up in a sweat instead.  So, as you can tell - it was a great trip all the way around.

Grand Opening
Walk Live Class

 What fun to Walk with New Friends and Old Friends!

Classes begin tomorrow night at 5:30 p.m. in room 2 at the Cedar Lake Elementary School in Oscoda.  Please come early to sign in and give yourself time to get to know your new Walk partners.  It was such a fun night to meet everyone.  I am looking forward to knowing each of you as we Walk together.

 A special Thank- you to Jim and Sharron Alexander for hosting this event.  Thank-you to Cindi and Ray for helping with everything!  One more Thank-you to my better half, Tom for supporting me.  I love the card he gave me this evening.....
 .... a bike on the front saying something about a life built for two... the best part was written on the back of the card.  "Get off that bike...and  Walk, Walk,Walk!"

See you tomorrow!

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