Friday, January 6, 2012

With It A Calmer Approach

 Happy New Year's 2012 - With It A Calmer Approach

 We Need A Snowman In Spite Of No Snow

It is hard to believe December has come and gone with no snow in North Michigan.  December turned out to be the longest month of the year for me.  Sometimes life just throws you circumstances that seem heavy to carry.  This would describe the month of December for me.  I spent a lot of my time praying, thinking and  trying not to worry.  We all have these times in our life.  Now that the circumstances have come to an end, I can look back and say two things.  I did not turn to food for my comfort this time and it is nice to know that at my age I can finally accept the "yes" and the "no" answers to my prayers.

 Spring In The Air
At My House

Last week I decided to take an idea off of one of my patients at work.  This patient fills her house with cut flowers in the winter to add cheer to her life.  After noticing this in her home I went to the local grocery store and purchased flowers to bring a little spring into my life.  I figure $7.00 every two weeks is well worth the touch of spring in my house.

 Cold Face and Wind Blown Hair
Isn't It Wonderful?

The flowers are a nice idea to help change the focus in my life - but today was the frosting on the cake.   With forty-one degree temps and the sun out full strength I hit the road for an eight mile ride on my bike.  It was wonderful.  I first started out with my shoulders all tense as if this would make me get to my destination  faster but then I realized I needed to relax and slow down my life and my ride.  Once I put into motion a calmer approach to my bike ride I then noticed I could hear the birds rustling in the trees, how the warm sun felt on my face and I could feel the fresh air fill my lungs.  What a great ride! I can only hope tomorrow brings the same. (Temps are rising, there is hope, it is now 52 degrees).

 Hidden Under The Spring and Summer Leaves
 Biggest bee hive I have ever seen, measuring about the size of two basketballs sitting on top of one another.

Trout Is The Name Of The Game

I tried a recipe for fresh trout this week but was disappointed.  Looking for ideas?  Please post your recipe at the bottom of this page. Please remember no oil or frying.
On the subject of food I came across a great salad to buy while traveling. a foot long for $5.00 but hold the bread.  One foot long makes two plates of salad.  On this trip I was traveling alone and had not eaten, so I ate both and they tasted great.  Why did I not think of this sooner.  I have kept my weight off but I would still like to lose a little more and continue to work on exercising.  I thought about joining Yoga this month but I forgot about the rods in my toes, making that idea a little out of the question.

 Not Enough For Ice Skating

 A small amount of  ice exists on the lake today. Not enough for ice skating but perfect for a beautiful day outside in the middle of winter.
Encouraging you to slow down and take some time to be still.
"Be still and know that I am God.."
Psalm 46:10

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