Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's A Family Affair

The Snow Arrives In Upper Michigan

As beautiful as it is, I will admit I have not been happy  driving in it as I travel the roads for work.  I have landed in the ditch once, spun out twice and I was almost creamed from another driver whom many of us would refer to as the "idiot" . The driver passed four cars in a row on icy roads putting everyone in danger.  As I sat in the parking lot trying to catch my breath  I realized God was not calling me home that day and  I needed to try to recompose myself so I could finish the day.

Relaxing After A Stressful Day...
Cod and Quinoa

This turned out to be a good meal.  The Quinoa on the side was really good.  The cod needed something but tasted good allowing you to really savor the taste of the fish.  We ended up serving it with a very small amount of tarter sauce.  I would recommend this dish.  Recipe altered from Clean Eating Magazine and is posted on my Favorite Recipe Page.

Life Goes On
Last week I was invited to talk to a group of moms on the subject of children's nutrition. Michigan takes third place on the charts for child obesity.  I really feel that the unemployment rate plays a big part in this.  We all know that white bread is cheaper than a bag of apples.  

The first point I made in my presentation was ... Parents must be the example of what they hope their children will do or become.  The nutrition for a child is no different than nutrition for an adult.  They need real fiber, good proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, less salt, and restricted sugar. Where the problem usually falls is getting our children to eat the right foods. 

The Picky-Eater

-Add pureed vegetables to your sauces (spaghetti, pizza sauces). One mother suggested adding baby food canned vegetables.  Great idea!
- Serve foods in unique shapes
-Eat at the table as a family ( the experts say this as a must)
-Change out one thing at a time when converting to a healthier choice (Example: wheat spaghetti noodles in place of traditional white, then next time you serve this meal change the meat choice for turkey meat instead of  hamburger.)
- It takes eleven tries to get a child to eat something before they usually give in.  Don't give up.
-Most important, don't make a special meal for the child only.  What is made for the family should be presented to all.  
- If your child does not want their food, give permission to be done at the table.  Then place their plate of food in the refrigerator to be served to them at the next meal. Continue until they have given some effort in eating their meal.  A child will not go hungry - so do not allow yourself to  think that they will starve.

Bento is a Japanese word for Lunch-In-A-Box.  This way of presenting food has been practiced for many years in the Asian countries but is now becoming more familiar in the United States.  

There are many styles of bento boxes available on the market.

Bento meals can be presented in two ways.  One way is to place your meal in the different areas of the box (almost like a TV dinner but the container is usually more interesting)  Another way is to make the food into shapes or designs to make the food more desirable or just plain fun.

Check out the ideas that these moms came up with. 
 Fill shell with the meat  of your choice.

Good Morning On A Chilly Day

A Day At The Beach
A tuna sandwich pressed into a star
served with an apple and almonds.
For The Boys In Our Life's

Fill egg with egg salad.
Nori Paper is being used for the face, this is edible seaweed paper.
You may purchase Nori at most grocery stores.
Set Your Sails

 Check out these many websites for ideas and information.

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