Sunday, November 20, 2011

Heavy Weight Champion

 Cabela's Turkey
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I am also planning my Thanksgiving meal that will not pack on the pounds.

I really enjoy reading and receiving the magazine Clean Eating.  So, I will be making my meal with their help by following their suggestion for the Thanksgiving meal.  Our meal shall include the Turkey, Sweet Potato Souffle', Cold Bean Salad, Fig, Apple & Sage Dressing, Cranberries and Pumpkin Pie.  Cutting out the potatoes and gravy is the most significant changes from the typical Thanksgiving meal.  Since my relatives do not share this enthusiasm for a healthy life style, there will be gravy and mashed potatoes available, just not on my plate.  I am choosing to use those calories on my pie.  But maybe you are considering an Apple Pie for your Thanksgiving, if so check out this apple that one of my friends just had to show me.

  Heavy Weight Champion Is The

The months are passing me by as I am focusing on many remodeling projects in our home.  Living in the woods means that fall is our biggest season for yard work and even this has fallen by the wayside.  My husband and I are trying to get all the projects for our house done in a year.  We have done very well in achieving this goal thus far.  The drive way is in, the out building has been built, the gardens are finished, the side walk is finished, the bathroom is almost  remodeled, the second bath is well on its way, new floors are coming in December and the kitchen repainted.  In the spring we will finish our interior log, roofing and siding.  This will complete the list - Whew, what a list!

 Sidewalk Finished

My reputation has finally caught up with me!  I am now receiving phone calls asking how others might lose weight.  Because of this interest I will be posting my bi-weekly class presentations on my blog under the name One Step At A Time, which is my motto.  For those who are not interested in my personal life, this will allow them to skip to the chase.  It is possible to live healthy.  I hope those who need guidance and encouragement find this page to be helpful.

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