Thursday, March 17, 2011

Expansion Is In Sight

My husband recently returned home with a smile on his face and a book in hand.  When I asked what he was smiling about, he replied "your sister sent you a book".  My sister bought me the book "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Jogging and Running".  After reading my last blog post, I don't know if she thought I was an IDIOT for talking about running or if she thinks I need to be educated  with the etiquette of running. Either way, she is correct.  To my surprise I am half way through this book and I have  learned a lot.  I actually think I might be able to accomplish this goal now that I have read the starter's guide in this book. 

Thanks Cindi!
The only thing better than this book would be a sister partner running beside me =)

Soy is a great source of protein, omega-3 and low in saturated fats and no cholesterol to speak of.  Most people may add one more thing to that list, no taste.  Tofu is not the only source for adding soy to your diet.  Other areas include: Soy milk, tempeh, miso, soy cheese, soy flour, soy nuts, soy meat and edamame can be added to salads.  Something to consider?

Okay Splenda Is Out!
I have been convinced, Splenda must go. My friends, my reference books and my college studies on nutritional facts all say "...these sweeteners add to major issues concerning health".  The debate has been going on for many years concerning the use of Aspartame.  But now this debate includes NutraSweet, Equal and Splenda.  I am giving in, I will remove the Splenda from my pantry. My mental health  is more important than skipping a few calories in my coffee.

After digging deeper, I am realizing that my stand on no Aspartame in my diet may cause more changes in my life than I first thought. 
I am saying  good-by to:
     -  Flavored yogurt, but thanks to Greek-yogurt and fresh or frozen fruit, yogurt is not totally out of the picture.
      -  My protein bars are safe. I do enjoy my morning protein bar!  
     -  Splenda Ice Cream, my husband will be heart broken, but recently we have been thinking about getting our ice cream maker out, so we will just do this earlier than we thought.  Yes, I am sure I will be posting ice cream recipes soon. 
     -  Flavored water is also a good-by.  It is one of my favorite treats.  I suppose I can play around with my juicer for flavors to put into water.  I wonder how long you can keep real flavored water?
     -  Vinaigrettes  and Flavored Rice Cakes are safe.
The list may get longer as I continue to search my household.

Frozen Desserts In Thirty Minutes

Women's Conference
Last weekend I was invited by a friend to attend the "Women On Fire" conference with guest speaker Debbie Phillips.  It was a lot of fun and I was encouraged to take the next step in my pursuit  towards my desires for Healthswap.  You are cordially invited to view the new pages added to this site.  Book Review, Higher Call are now available.  Lies Or Not is coming soon, this page will deal with healthy changes we can make in our diets and life, unlike Bottom Line that gives you nutritional facts.


  1. Medizym is a completely natural product which is used for maintaining an inflammation and immune system.

  2. here is a sight about water ideas (just click "next" under each picture to see the next idea) also you could use your juicer and add juice and club soda to your water : )

  3. I love the idea of freezing fruit in your ice cubes!