Monday, March 7, 2011

Surprise Surprise - What A Hoot

We just returned from seeing our grandchildren in Indiana when I saw something huge fly across my window.  To my pleasure I saw a Barred Owl resting on a tree right outside the window.  He sat for about fifteen minutes watching for his next meal. Turning his head back and forth in hopes of that next prey.   Most likely the mice that live in our wood pile.  My husband and I took pictures from all angles. We soon  realized Owls really do live up to their reputation of blending into their background in order not to  be seen.  None of our pictures showed him clearly.  Thank you for free downloads that are available.  This definitely shows what I saw through the  binoculars.  What a treat to sit there and watch him.

Back Roads of Indiana
Amish Country

 I am still off my foot for any serious exercise, so I find myself having a lot of time  to decide what my plans will be for accomplishing my goal this year.  I know I have to burn 500 - 1000 more calories in exercise than what I consume.  With this in mind I have decided that I really need to pick my exercise routine wisely because soon I will be back to work.  I posted earlier under "Bottom Line" the exercises that burn the most calories and are worth considering.  To go one step farther in that direction, I have broken up that list with actual calories burned in each category.  Each of these are estimated for an hour workout.
Aerobic Step (10-12 inch step platform) burns 698
Biking (my favorite) at 12 -13 mph burns 543
Ski machine 473 and jumping rope 698 an hour 
Zumba dance 600 calories an hour.
Of course there are many more options but I was looking at my personal preference.  I was a little disappointed that my first walk of the season only burned 83 calories.  Thirty minutes spent to accomplish nothing. I do not have hours to spend trying to burn calories so I am looking for those activities that burn close to 500 calories or more an hour. 

I have never been a runner.  Twenty-five years ago I used to jog with my husband but like I said that was twenty-five years ago.  But I am seriously considering running.  I see my foot doctor next week and will ask about shoes for these straight toes that I now have.  Before I commit completely I will see how what it is like to run when  your toes do not bend.  If all works out I think I will start running next month.  Running burns 543 calories for a 12 minute mile.  Jogging for one hour you could burn up to 465 calories. 

If you are interested in checking out what your favorite activities burns in an hour - visit this web site  I love this sight.  They make it very easy to track your calories and exercise preference.

Strawberry Layered Cake/Pasta With Tomatoes
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