Saturday, April 2, 2011

College Life - Oh To Be Young Again

 "Women's Night Out" was  sponsored by the University of Michigan Recreation Center.  It was a night dedicated to viewing different classes in exercise and healthy meal options along with an Open Food Market.  I was a little disappointed that the whole event was not dedicated to healthy living and eating.  In spite of the disappointment, we had a good time.

The guest speaker, Erin Ferme shared her story of weighing close to 700 pounds and her journey of losing 400+ to date.  What a journey she has had.  It was nice to rejoice with her, as she shared her happy ending.

Stacey Kimbell presented a short seminar on "Hidden Food Toxins".  You can check out information about  her book under Book Reviews.

Overall it was an enjoyable evening, thanks to a friend who tagged along just to keep me company.  Thanks Tammy.

Preparing Gazpacho
(Recipe on Recipe page)

This picture inspired the name for this particular blog
College Life - Oh To Be Young Again
Watching a demonstration on the technique of Zumba.

A Personal Note
I am back to work with hospice after four months off for foot surgery.  It is interesting what I have noticed in the short time that I have been on the road.  Have you ever noticed how many road signs are posted for advertising  food and restaurants?  As I pass a sign I am realizing that I am talking to myself, saying  "you do not need that".  Now where is that coming from?  Maybe too much time on my hands in between visits.  The other interesting discovery is that I am still battling the urge to eat out of emotion.  Just when I thought I was over that, it shows its ugly face again.  Stress can make you eat if you do not realize why you are putting something in your mouth.  I was a little saddened that I even had to think it through.  Plan, plan, plan...count, count, count - back to the basics.

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