Sunday, February 27, 2011

Failure Lurks Around The Corner

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        To answer the much asked question,
"Why the importance on giving up night time snacks?"

The answer is because I need to break the bad habit of just eating for no reason or I will end up gaining all my weight back over time.  Great example of this would be the last couple of days.  Life took a turn on me and how did I handle it? By putting on two pounds from eating out of emotions.  No, I do not have it all together yet, nor will I during this life.  After two days of eating mindlessly, I once again asked the Lord to "make me care about what I am eating".  The good news is that I  now catch myself thinking "you are only punishing yourself and it does nothing to solve the problem".  It is nice to see that even my thinking process is starting to change. 

Our fort for the grandchildren
"Snow, snow go away...
come again another day!"
Three weeks until Spring arrives.

Grains Are On The Rise
Our daily intake of calories from grains has jumped 45% since 1970, according to  Nutrition Action Health. For most of us we are consuming our calories in the following order: Grains first then oils, protein, sweeteners, dairy, vegetables and last fruit.  Actually, fruits and vegetables should be the majority of our calories for the day. Reading this information has made me appreciate my juicer purchase.  I think that every house hold should have one.  It has become a fun and easy way to achieve the goal of eating the pyramid way.

Need Your Help - I need a kitchen gadget to mash strawberries, besides a fork.  I do not like to put my strawberries in the juicer because I lose too much of the strawberry.  I usually  add the strawberry to my juice by hand.  I have a grinder/blender, but that seems to be a lot of work for a few strawberries.
With all the gadgets out there, I know there has to be one for this.
Please leave suggestions in the comment box below - Thank you.

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