Monday, February 17, 2014


We all agree....this winter has been a long, hard and cold winter. 

Everyone is counting down the days until SPRING and just to help you along in that counting, we have 30 days until Spring is officially here.  

Let's get prepared!
Join in on the Walk Away the Pounds Challenge! 
This is a six week challenge that helps you  burn the fat, tone the muscle and feel great without dieting.  This challenge was put together by Leslie Sansone.  

If you choose to accept this challenge the following is what you can look forward to:

Fat: 15 pound drop
Muscle: 5 pound increase
Looks: FAB!
Metabolism: 200 calories burning increase every day
Risk of heart disease: 45% decrease
Risk of stroke: 42% decrease
Blood Pressure: 10 point drop
Total Cholesterol: 10% decrease
Good cholesterol: 5% increase
Risk of diabetes: 58% decrease
Overall risk of early death: 55% decrease
Husband: Watches YOU instead of ESPN

*results may vary.

The challenge begins February 24, 2014

You will receive weekly instructions on how you can accomplish your goal along with classes that are available for you to participate in if you are not already active. The cost for this challenge is $6.00 to cover the cost of printed information.  There is no cost to the challenge itself. 

Before you dig out those summer clothes - let's make sure you can fit into them!
Join in on the FUN!
Register for the CHALLENGE at your next Walk Class in the Garden Room
Challenge open to all *Garden Room participants. Join a class today.

*Garden Room:  All active participates that meet in my home for Walk Classes.  More classes are now being offering in my home and space is available.  Sign up today to join a class or to increase your weekly commitment.  See Aerobic Classes on Homepage for more information.

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