Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wood Pecker Calls My Name

heard a wood pecker this afternoon, as I looked up in the sky there he was about 80 feet off the ground.  It was a nice sight to ponder after the snow storm that hit this area a couple of days ago.  Spring must be around the corner.  It seems to be easier to stay on track with my calorie counting and I seem more focused. It will be wonderful to get back on my bike and cruise around the lake. 

The ride, depending on which way I travel is about 12-15 miles.  It is great to finish a day at work and jump on your bike to soak up a little sun, fresh air and gain energy.  Just thinking about it is motivating me to lose those last 35 pounds.  Even more astounding is that I am also motivated to keep it off.

My juicer and I have a date everyday. 

Grapes, Pineapple and Cranberries
accompanied by Steel Granola and my faithful protein bar.

(You may notice the ribbon tied on the bottom of the goblet.  Each of my glasses have a different color ribbon tied to the stem of the glass. When I have family gatherings or parties, this solves the question "Where did I leave my drink?"  Each guest remembers their color allowing them to find their drink.)

This juice has a wonderful bitter-sweet taste.  After making this particular juice I gathered the pulp to freeze it for a future use.  Little did I know that I would pull that pulp out the next day to make Griddle Cakes. 

 If you are not ready to use your fruit right away, try placing it in the freezer.  When you are ready  pull it out and let it thaw before juicing.  Most of my berries are stored in the freezer during the harvest season, allowing me to enjoy the fresh flavor when I am ready.

A Weekend Breakfast
Griddle Cakes
(Recipe can be found on the Recipe Page)

This breakfast was a treat.  What I have found most interesting is the difference in flavor when you cook or bake with natural products.  Now I find myself thinking, "Why did I ever think that pre-packaged foods  tasted  so  good?"  I find myself thinking everything is so wonderful in taste.  It is, compared to what I have been eating the last 30 years.

My exercise routine is going slow since at the moment I am in a wheel chair from minor surgery.  The exercise room is ready to go and as soon as possible, my husband and I plus my sister  will enjoy using it.

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  1. I love the direction this site is taking. Seems calmer, more peaceful and easier to read. We learn as we go don't we? Great information and presented in a way I can remember, big plus.