Thursday, January 5, 2017

Starting Off 2017 With A Strong Comback

     Wow.....I am not even sure where to start. Yes, I am back!  It has been many years of finding myself after losing hope of ever being able to exercise again.   After the third surgery on my foot, I was left with no hope of ever exercising again. My hope at that time was just to be able to walk and not lose my toes by amputation.  It has been an emotional several years.  I will most likely share some of those experiences with you as we journey together. But I do not want to leave you hanging......I am blessed! I have my toes, I can walk, I am exercising and my weight journey continues.   I am now 30 pounds heavier then when we departed just over two and half years ago. 
Not only am I heavier but I am older.  I see new challenges ahead of me and I am ready to tackle them.  No matter what challenges come tomorrow... I know I will be walking (physically walking) through them. 

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