Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Mind Divided

I love my blog - it keeps me focused. My update concerning my weight is that I am on the decrease again.  I continue to follow those guidelines that I have learned. I desire to learn more on Integrative Nutrition so I have been  spending my summer reading on this subject while I sit and enjoy my boat and my patio table.

A Time & A Season For Everything
With summer here I must confess that my blog is begging for attention. On one side of my mind the blog is calling me but the summer sun is calling for me to soak up her summer rays on the other side of my mind.  At this point I am opting to listen to the call of those short-lived summer rays.  Those summer events that we all enjoy are still calling for  me to indulge.  Boating, fishing, beach concerts, bon fires, mini road trips, nature walks, ice cream parlors, a good book, and a nap in the sun are all the  many enjoyments that come with the season.


Dirt roads are a part of the north country.  In their own way - I found them to be beautiful and relaxing as I traveled these routes.

Life Comes To A Halt For A Brief Moment
My job keeps me on the road for most of the day. On this particular day as I was traveling when the traffic came to a halt. A resident of the local area was standing in the middle of the road stopping traffic from both sides of the highway. When asked "Is anything wrong?", she pointed to the family of ducks that had decided it was time to cross the road. Follow the leader became the mind set of the little ducklings as they followed their mother single file across the busy road. Just a simple reminder to me to take a moment and enjoy God's creation

Come Grow With Me The Best Is Yet To Be
My favorite saying concerning my husband and I, but in this case it also applies to my garden that has just been beautiful this year.

Michigan Lighthouse
Great place to plan your next vacation, visit

This last month brought a lot of visitors our way. Family and friends and even new friends have been made as we hosted a gentleman from Japan for two weeks. 

His visit gave us a chance to visit the many wonderful sights in our area and to do some fishing. Okay, I admit Osamu did the fishing while I found a picnic table to sit and read. But a peaceful moment either way was enjoyed by both.

With all the company it has been a busy month of entertaining. So I have taken advantage of the situation to try out some new recipes. Listed are two that everyone seemed to enjoy. The recipes themselves are posted on recipe page of this blog.

Asian Salad

Cinnamon Apples


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