Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pickled Beets It Is Not

I know that beets play an important part of a healthy diet, so when I was shopping I picked a few fresh beets to try in my juicer.  I don't remember liking beets  but I also do not  remember trying them either.  Today, I was able to take the time to  juice the beets with cucumber and carrots.  I must say I was right "I do not like beets!".  But my purchase will still be put to good use.  On my counter there sits a container with an air tight lid for all the left over items that can be added to my compost.  

 My beautiful flowers will enjoy those beets more than I ever would.

Update for "Game On"
The game is going strong, but I must say to my surprise, at the moment my husband is in the lead.  How can this be?  A man who can not turn down chocolate and ice cream every night.  How is it that he is scoring more points and at the moment losing more weight than me?  Is he moving the score board pieces when I am not looking? As you can see Bat Man is ahead and Wonder Women is lagging behind. 

He has not won - until it is over, seven more weeks.  The good news is I am down two more paper clips from my previous post.

Most people would not think about riding their bikes in 40 degree weather and I am one of them but when you live in the north people tend to the test the elements. Yesterday, we did see people riding their bikes, spring fever is in the air but I am not sure it is around the corner.  I am ready either way, bike is polished, pumped and ready to go.  We will start riding as soon as the weather reaches 50 degrees.  It will stay around 50 degrees on the lake for most, if not all spring.  I do not want to miss the already short season.  Now that I am thinking about it, I guess I have been known to ride in 45 degree weather.  I will be geared up with my hat and mittens, not the normal helmet and riding gear most people are wearing in the summer.  Our riding season continues through the fall until the first snow hits.  I am trying to incorporate my home gym into my daily routine now, even with a lame foot.  But there is nothing in comparison to fresh air and sunshine as soon as the weather permits.  Getting my daily requirement of vitamin D is just as important.

I recommend this book.  It is full of great information and great picture examples of the exercises they are promoting.  I always thought you had to have large equipment to have a home gym.  I was  pleasantly surprised to see that you can accomplish a work out with simple equipment and simple exercises.  It has only been recently that I have come to understand how aerobic exercise and weight lifting go together.  I am not saying in any way that I have it conquered, that is my goal for 2011.  The one thing that I have learned is that information is very important.  I thought just jumping into an exercise routine and a diet was good enough, but it is not.  It has been the study of understanding nutritional information and how that applies to my body that I have actually been able to become more healthy.

-Wishing Everyone Good Health-

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